An immersive experience for personal transformation and a uniquely tailored training programme

We are on a mission to bring energy medicine to the mainstream using practical physics, traditional Chinese medicine, communication with the body through specialised dowsing using the Lecher Antenna.

We inspire health professionals looking for a fresh approach to holistic care, better patient outcomes, incredible job satisfaction and a busy, successful practice. 

Working Together with Living Energy to Restore Harmony and Health

Here at The International Academy of Energetic Health, we have an absolutely inspiring programme if you want to supercharge your practise.
   We lead you to a professional qualification which hones outstanding skills of energetic connection; decoding and interpreting a new paradigm of 21st century health care. 

This course will change your perspective and your life!

This is a programme for super-motivated professional therapists to take their practise to the deepest of levels giving their clients a truly transformational experience.
The ACMOS Method facilitates fundamental change allowing you and your practise to stand out as unique in your marketplace.

We offer an ever-growing resource. At the core of the BeST Resonant Health programme we have 50 hours of learning modules which teach you an enhanced version of the ACMOS Method.

 Our training integrates the ACMOS principles with anatomy, physiology, 
neuroscience, fascial science, and Chinese Medicine. 

New footage and explanations really bring this course to life! 

We feature regular live sessions

Q&A's, practical balance sessions, and live masterclasses are all recorded 
so that you can review them any time you like. Masterclasses will be regularly offered 
to expand your understanding and  application of the Method.

Enhance your skills to balance the person with their life. Strengthen their vital life force in the face of inherited patterns, lived experiences, emotions and environmental conflict. Decrease sensitivity to people : places : objects : both true and perceived stresses.

We support your well being

We understand the importance of self-care, of true connection and an “Esprit d’corps” so we invite you to join our group and find your home in resonance based Energy Medicine. Throughout our experiential learning process you will really get to know Carol and your practise will flourish under her mentorship as part of a growing community of supportive professionals.

If this opportunity sounds like a perfect fit for you please get in touch as places are limited!     

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BeST Resonant Health Mentorship Programme

Price on application

Teaching Therapists Transformational Techniques to change Lives.    

ACMOS Lecher Antenna Training Manual


One time Purchase

Introduces readers to the basic principles and application  of the Lecher Antenna  for energy balancing.

 *Included with the  Practical Application course.

Mastering the Lecher Antenna


One time Purchase

In-depth practical application skills using the Lecher Antenna for personal development and use with family and friends.
BlackFriday £100 Discount:

*Included in both the manual &  the masterclasses

1:1 Mentoring with Carol Robertson


Per Hour

Private support for ACMOS Students & Practitioners

*Price per hour  An in-depth practitioner training & mentorship programme is available

Years after I start working as a massage therapist and I feel like a "call" and I start searching through the internet and I find you talking about the ACMOS Method, I bought my antenna through you, the wonderful Carol, and shortly after I bought my learning kit directly to ACMOS, hoping that maybe one day I could study in Spanish, then COVID appeared... I wrote to you and you said: "I think that the best path for you are the ops". I didn't know you were in the recorded classes and ... I'm finally learning ACMOS, and it's Carol in the videos!!! So... yes, I can say that it is thanks to you that today I am inside the Acmos op, and I am very happy.. I am learning ACMOS but also improving my oral comprehension of the English language. I am very grateful to you Carol, you are my connection to ACMOS. Marta


I'm 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓸𝓵 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓽𝓼𝓸𝓷

My name is Carol and I am a practitioner with many years of experience as a health professional. I have over 30 years of experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist and more than 15 years of experience in ACMOS Bioenergy Balancing.
I have a particular interest in helping people recover from fatigue, and other chronic health problems through a trauma-informed practice. Together we focus on physical health, energy balancing, resilience and general well-being.