Mentorship programme

Secure your place on the most professional Bio-energetics training available. 
Work closely with ACMOS expert Carol Robertson to achieve life changing results for yourself and your clients.

Okay, Carol
 ✓ Yes - I am ready and eager to embrace a new paradigm in healthcare
✓ Yes - Please help me change my frame of reference to another level of 21st century healthcare so that I can help my clients at a more fundamental level and change their lives
✓ Yes - I want my practice to be the ‘go to’ place in town and my reputation to stand out
 ✓ Yes - I want over 80 hours of learning with fast, efficient response to my queries
✓ Yes - I want the support of live webinars, Q&As, masterclasses and social support from a strong community
✓ Yes - I want the sense of belonging to the ACMOS family worldwide
✓Yes - I want to work with you 👇

A sceptical medical professional and
acupuncturist converts

A mental health professional shares her thoughts

A medical Doctor shares her experience

There is literally no-one on Earth better placed to lead
professional therapists through the intricacies of the
ACMOS Method for whole of health.

 I have 35 years of experience with the solid foundations and ethics of a regulated health profession, I also had the personal experience of chronic illness and was in the unique position of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right set of knowledge to absorb the ACMOS method directly from the creator and to fine tune it for energy medicine in the 21st century.

This training will incorporate a background of chronic pain, trauma, neuroscience, and myofascial release into simply the most innovative way to reset the energetic fuses in the body. As a colleague at Innovative Medicine in New York said recently, ACMOS is most often our first line of treatment and should be seen as a cornerstone of healthcare not as an alternative - Caspar Szulc Nov 2021.

I have built my own therapy business over the past 15 years and have reversed the trend from 80/20 physiotherapy/ACMOS to 10/90 with ACMOS dominating my current practise.

I have been where you are, I have been where your clients are, 
and I know what you need to do to absorb bioenergetics 
into your business and your life!

I am the principal teacher on the ACMOS Method official E-learning 
which is a recording of a classroom-based training. 
So of course you have the question, how does this training differ?

 ·This training is a step forwards in the evolution of the method, instead of recording over 10 days you get individualised sections, each prepared over 2-3 days on different weeks – so you get a whole year’s worth of my ideas, experiences, and updates on top of the original Method.

 · You get direct mentorship from the foremost ACMOS teacher 
in the English-speaking world 

· You get the time so that I get to know you and can give you my personal support throughout your journey to expert practitioner status.

 · Because this programme is so personalised the numbers will be restricted to give you the best value and experience possible. 

I will not only teach you, but also build your understanding of the ACMOS vocabulary of wavelengths as I train you to think like me. NO-ONE else on the planet explains ACMOS in the way that I can.

In other words, I know what you need from me to support your transformation from nurse, physical therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, doctor, psychologist, acupuncturist , therapist, scientist to 21st century bio-energetics practitioner*.

 *What if I’m not a health practitioner but I’m still keen to learn? Let’s chat and look at the other options open to you so that you can get there too!

  Working together with the living energy to restore harmony and health = BeST Resonant Health


I will share what I have learned over 16 years as an ACMOS practitioner and 11 years as a teacher, supported by 30+ years as a health professional, all distilled into this life-changing certification programme

Regular live support in the form of weekly Q&As, masterclass sessions, live balancing, and mindset/energy techniques to support your well-being. 
(I actually found the mindset sessions to be one of the most valuable parts of the courses I have completed)

A closed-forum community within the online course platform – for fast responsive answers to questions (for those little moments between Q&As), and for friendships, buddying up and arranging swaps to build confidence

50+ hours of theoretical learning, joining the dots between energetics, Chinese Medicine, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and fascial science. See how you view the body from a new, moving energy perspective. 

Recording of all live sessions giving a minimum of 40 hours additional learning material throughout the year

Downloadable PDFs of course manuals - Level 1-4

ACCESS to the course modules for LIFE!

Because we want to share this way of working widely we have included the following bonuses


•BONUS 1 - Access to my personal library of material, written for classes and students over the years 

Bonus 2

Remedy notes - The ACMOS remedy reference guide comes with your kit, but BeST students get access to my own expanded version with connections between the ACMOS theory and the remedy explained in energetic terms as well as the routine uses of these remedies

Bonus 3

Acupoint notes - The most commonly used acupoints expanded and ‘Carolised’ to give an ACMOS slant to the Chinese meanings and definition

Yes! I have a background in one or more therapies and I'm ready to start now!